Powering the Future of Mobility:

Your Turnkey Battery Pack Solution

     The soaring popularity of EVs and autonomous vehicles is accompanied by fast-growing demand for denser, stronger, durable automotive batteries. AIKAR's customized battery engineering service is your turnkey manufacturing solution. Its versatile design and configuration makes it suitable for multiple end uses, even when operating on the tightest of schedules. 

Design and Development
  • Turnkey, customized battery pack design intended for high-volume manufacture

  • Designed for passenger and commercial vehicles.

  • Custom BMS and source code

  • CAD models drawn in CATIA/Solidworks

  • Validated using CAE: FEA, CFD , and Thermal simulations 

  • Tested for SIL, HIL, safety, and durability

Best-in-class Pack Performance
  • Energy Density:

    • > 180 Wh/kg or 200 Wh/L

  • Customizable Pack Configuration:

    • 60 kWh - 120+ kWh

  • Fast Charge Rate:

    • 80% SOC < 30 min

  • High Functional Reliability:

    • 98% SOC Accuracy

  • Extreme Climate Capability:

    • -30°C – 45°C

  • Active liquid thermal management

  • Designed to pass GB/T 31467

Prototyping and Manufacturing
  • Fast turnaround on production-intended prototype

  • Turnkey pilot line for low-volume production

  • Established supply chain

  • Comprehensive high-volume pack assembly line proposal

  • Modular architecture enables multiple battery packs to be produced on common production line 

Pack Performance
and Development
Prototyping and Manufacturing

AIKAR's BMS Components

     Each battery pack is managed by a Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS control unit interfaces with the vehicle control unit (VCU) to determine battery output and draw. It crucially monitors and assesses battery usage and health through individual battery management units (BMU) attached to each module within the pack, essential to ensure that the vehicle's consumption does not exceed its capacity.

     AIKAR's BMS uses machine learning to combine real-time data monitoring and historical data analysis to ensure reading accuracy and vehicle safety.